Northern Herbs


Soothing Shampoo



Our shampoo bar, but with neem, tea-tree, lavender and rosemary to soothe & calm the scalp. Can help with scalp problems.

100% natural ingredients: Olive, apricot, castor neem and jojoba oils with  lye. Rosemary, tea tree, geranium and patchouli essential oils.

Simply wet hair, then wet shampoo bar and rub over hair and scalp. The shampoo will lather up beautifully. Rinse thoroughly.

Vegan & not tested on animals.

Plastic Free. Our envelopes are paper and our bubble wrap is made from plants and is biodegradable.

£7.95 / Min 80g , average 100g due to hanndmade nature and moisture evaporation weights and sizes are subject to slight variation.