Northern Herbs


Mustard & Ginger Bath Salts



A traditional warming bath salt blend. Dead sea salts and epsom salts (magnesium) mixed with the same amount of mustard and ginger powder. The skin draws in the magnesium, mustard and ginger to warm the body at a cellular level, stimulates the circulation and the chi body.

Vegan & not tested on animals.

Plastic free. Packaged in vegware packaging made from plants and 100% biodegradable. Our bubble wrap is also biodegradable.

100% natural ingredients: Lavendula Augustifolia (lavender)  Eucalyptus Radiata/ Globulus  (eucalyputs), Mentha Arvensis (Peppermint), Juniperus virgniana (Cedarwood), Rosmarinus Officinalisa (Rosemary) essential oil in Maris Sal (dead sea salts)Organic Mustard powderOrganic Ginger powderEpsom salts and bicarbonate of soda.

Add one or two tablespoons to the bath once it is run. Relax and enjoy.

£6.95 / 250g