Northern Herbs


Monoi Gardenia



This purified coconut oil has been infused with gardenia blossoms on the island of Tahiti. It is imported from Tahiti and only packaged by us. We provide it because we love it.

It has been a beauty ritual of Polynesian women for thousands of years and you can see it reflected in their beautiful skin and hair.

Long used as a scented moisturising ingredient in high class cosmetics we bring it to you whole. This beautiful oil is very light and nourishing to the skin and hair. Use it all over your face and body, but beware, it may attract attention!

Massage from roots to the tips of your hair and it will restore damaged keratin and leave your hair glossy and light after washing out. The scent of gardenia is rich and strong. Melts at a low temperature so now in a glass jar.

Vegan & not tested on animals.

Plastic free. 

£7.95 60ml / £15.00 120ml


Size: 60ml