Northern Herbs


Neem Oil (Organic)



Our unrefined organic neem oil is cold pressed from the fruit of the neem tree, it has been used in India for millenia for all types of skin issues and the tree is considered holy by many.

Neem has countless uses for the skin, hair and nails. It puts elasticity back into the skin, excellent for dry skin, soothes redness & irritation, improves general skin health and good for mild acne. Used as a hair oil  neem promotes shiny, healthy hair, combats dryness and can be used to get rid of head lice. It is also excellent for nails and cuticles.

Neem oil is very strong and has a highly pungent smell (many say garlicky), so is often best blended with some other oils. We use it in our clear skin cream, skin soothe cream, skin soothe balm, soothing shampoo and in the neem and sesame oil.

£5.95 / 60ml